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Why Swinging?
Unsure as to whether Swinging can be of benefit for your child or clients? Read a summary of some articles describing the many inportant uses of swinging in sensory integration therapy. Benefits of Swinging


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Soft Taco

The 'Manic To Mellow In Moments Sling Seat'

This sling seat extends full body pressure provided by the user's own weight. It is very supportive and calming for an overly stimulated person in a non-restrictive setting.

Made of durable rip-stop material with soft, cotton-like feel which can easily be removed for washing.

The Soft Taco is an easy and fun way to get relaxed. Get the full therapeutic effect by having the child or adult lie face up or down, and slowly swinging.

Junior (54 inches long), for children up to 4½ feet tall $ 156.00

Adult (72 inches long), for taller children and adults $ 200.00

Hanging Canvas Seat

Comforting, hugging and self-supporting. This seat can be enjoyed by the whole family

Adjustable for lying back or in the upright position as shown. Either way it feels safe and comfortable.

This chair is extremely strong and durable. It will withstand years of use.

The seat is made of canvas. The two side poles are smooth sanded natural Maple which is a nice sensory touch for the swinging person.

One Size $ 160.00

Plywood Platform

Carpeted and padded.

A light yet strong platform swing which can easily hold you, your child, and some friends.

With the optional Swivel, the Plywood Platform makes a fun and stimulating swing for swinging, spinning or gliding (swinging from side to side). With the stationary eye hooks it is a neat place for a child to read, do school work, or various therapies.

You can sit, kneel, stand, crouch on the Plywood Platform or invite some friends and have a swinging party.

Junior Size (30 × 30 × ½ inches) $ 174.00

Adult Size (20 × 59 × ¾ inches) $ 268.00


Instead of swinging front to back, gliding is swinging side to side.

The Glider is a fun and stimulating swing, great for improving balance. The pull bars are easy to adjust to any height.

This swing is made of Baltic Birch Plywood and comes unfinished.

Junior Size (20 × 40 × ½ inches) $ 132.00

Adult Size (20 × 60 × ¾ inches) $ 182.00

(Swing frames are not included and must be ordered separately, if needed.)